The Technology Behind Being Cool.

What’s the secret behind our innovative, non-drip ColdRush® material? Our eVapora™ fabric technology quickly absorbs moisture up to six times its weight, retains it, and allows it to slowly and naturally evaporate, which produces a cooling effect on the skin for hours. The result is cooler and more comfortable workers. Once in contact with the skin, ColdRush® continually wicks perspiration away and stores it in microcavity moisture reservoirs, which provide up to four hours of active cooling. When the fabric dries out, simply wet it again to reactivate the cooling effect. At the end of the day, simply throw ColdRush® in the washer and get ready to use it again.

Importance of PPE

We surveyed 100 workers and found that 93 percent regularly experience heat stress while on the job, and according to the CDC, extreme heat causes an average of 658 work and non work-related deaths a year in the United States. If you’re working out in the heat, or managing employees in high-heat environments, be sure to take proper precautions, including checking the heat index, setting up effective water and rest breaks, and using highquality cooling personal protective equipment (PPE).

Get in the Zone

You’ve probably seen people pour water over their head to cool off, but there is actually more to this practice than just odd behavior.

  • The body contains key cooling zones located on the head, neck and wrist to name a few
  • When cold water, ice or a cooling mechanism is applied to these areas, the body feels more immediate cooling relief compared to what the other areas of the body provide
  • ColdRush® was designed to be applied to these key cooling zones, making you feel more cool and comfortable in high heat environments


“ColdRush® has been a lifesaver for our guys working on the docks. In the summer it gets so hot and our safety standards require them to wear pants and long sleeve shirts. Our guys love the neckbands and du-rags, it really helps keep them cool and has helped with the morale during the hot summer days.”

Jack, Warehouse Supervisor

“Road work is one of the hottest jobs. Our crews were using wet towels to keep cool but constantly having to rewet them which was just one more distraction from the job. The hard hat inserts and neckbands have been great. They stay cool even on the hottest days and we’re not having to constantly rewet them.”

Joseph, Asphalt Superintendent

ColdRush® Industries and Applications

Food Service
Steel Mills
Oil Rigs
Pulp and Paper
Beach Trips
Restaurant Kitchens
Home Gardening
Sports Events